About Us

John Bult - Founder of PCC Jobs

Nobody disputes the importance of recruiting the best possible people as a necessary and significant component to business success in any arena.  At PCC we believe the vast majority of recruitment practise and process is far from optimal, and this presents an opportunity we can help you to exploit to gain a competitive advantage in your business.

Having operated on both sides of the recruiting fence, John Bult, the founder of PCC can see why recruitment is the way that it is.  Beneath a veneer of promised high quality, most agencies operate a ‘numbers’ strategy. This ultimately leads to a lower investment in each individual opportunity, poor reach and erratic quality, in turn leading to an inefficient process and much wasted time, and worst of all, not the best available hire the market could have provided.

We have years of experience and success helping companies operate a sophisticated process that will establish exactly what the perfect hire will look like, and then maximise reach and process to achieve this.  We operate a relatively small number of vacancies for selected clients with the aim to fill them all without compromise.

Typically, we fill even the toughest of briefs in just a few weeks, and we’d encourage you to check out our testimonials, we would be delighted to put you in touch with our clients to see that we are what we say we are.

In just an hour-long meeting, we are convinced we can show you why our service can give you a competitive advantage.  Call us now to arrange a meeting.